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The African Alumni Project is a visionary initiative of seven renowned educational institutions that believe more can be done to engage and connect African Alumni of international universities. These seven partners have joined forces to learn about the career and life trajectories of their African Alumni, an idea that evolved from their participation in The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program. The multi-disciplinary research team has designed a pioneering project to advance understanding of the myriad ways that Africans who study abroad pursue their careers and relate to their home countries and the African continent. Lessons learned from this study will guide partners to improve the environment for current and future African students, including the hundreds of MasterCard Foundation Scholars studying at our respective institutions, and will shed light on the barriers and enabling factors related to return.

We’re excited to share with you the findings of our multi-university, collaborative research study. For an abridged version of the final report, Career Choices, Return Paths and Social Contributions: African Alumni Project, click here. For a copy of the full report, click here. To send us feedback on the report(s), please contact lead author, Robin Marsh at [email protected].

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