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The African Alumni Project grows out of the on-going research study: Career and Life Trajectories of African Alumni of International Universities, “African Alumni Study”. All seven collaborating university partners are interested to re-connect and re-engage with their African Alumni, and through this study, and the support of The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program, we have found the motivation to do so.

This African Alumni Project is launched for the benefit of the Alumni and will grow to meet their interests and needs.

We are aware that other international universities who have histories of educating African scholars, in the US, Canada, Europe, Africa and beyond, would like to join the study, or start one of their own. We welcome them to The Project.

There is also growing interest among past and current sponsors of university scholarships and fellowships, to learn about the career and life trajectories, and community impacts, of their past Scholars and Fellows (e.g. International Fellowship Program, Association of Commonwealth Universities, Africa-America Institute, The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program). We welcome them to The Project.

Think big and share your ideas for building out The African Alumni Project. Share your ideas and we will gather them for the next African Alumni Project News Post.

Project Components

  1. Collaborative research
  2. Connecting & networking
    1. Personal (Facebook)
    2. Professional (LinkedIn)
    3. African Alumni of international universities interested to join The African Alumni Project, let us know.
    4. Search engine to find fellow alums, colleagues, collaborators (stay tuned).
  3. Knowledge and experience exchange
    1. Alumni “Career and Life Path” Profiles.
    2. Blogs/Stories/Articles
  4. Mentoring match
    1. Many current African students in international universities, including hundreds of MasterCard Foundation Scholars, would greatly benefit from your experience and advice. If you are interested to mentor a young African Scholar, let us know.