EARTH participates in innovative “brain drain” research project funded by The MasterCard Foundation

Earth Header Image cropped…This research is of particular interest for EARTH University, as the “go back, give back” principle is an integral part of our mission to form leaders of change in developing nations. Nico Evers, Director of the International Academic Relations Office (RAI) at EARTH, is participating in the study as part of a sub-group of academics in charge of developing a comprehensive alumni interview guide.

He says of his involvement, “I am particularly interested in investigating what factors have influenced our EARTH alumni to go back and give back. I think it is the entire educational model from the selection and admissions process all the way through graduation and beyond that plays a role. My personal research interest is in intercultural and global competencies. In the framework of the PARIS study I am interested in investigating how the developments of those competencies lead to a smooth transition and re-entry in students’ country of origin.” (Read the full story here)