Returning to Home Country and Giving Back – What Influences Decision Making?

MCF_Scholars_ProfilePic_A (1)Do African recipients of international scholarships use their education to give back to their communities? Do they return to their home country? What influences their decision-making regarding when or how to give-back or go back to Africa? Partners in The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program explore these and other questions among more than 1,000 African alumni.

With a focus on Sub-Saharan Africa, The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program is designed to encourage and support 15,000 bright, talented young people to complete their education and to use that education to benefit the lives of others. Indeed it is this vision that has guided the development and implementation of the Program, ensuring that the vast majority of Scholars are from Africa and educated in their home countries. All Scholars receive education that is relevant to the sectors of economic growth on the continent, internships in their home countries or regions, mentors who develop and support Scholars’ give-back aspirations, networking opportunities, job-seeking skills development, and a dedicated web portal listing job opportunities open to Scholars from Africa…(Read the full story here)